Caffeine And How It Effects Your Health

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Caffeine and how it Effects Your Health Many people have their opinions on how much caffeine one should intake in a day. Some carefully watch their diet and some don’t even care what they are putting in to their body. Many different people have different thoughts about caffeine and there are several answers why they think that way. The people that don’t consume caffeine often usually try to stay away from it because they see the disadvantages to consuming caffeine. They think that the cons outweigh the pros. The people that consume caffeine often will go on about all the benefits to consuming caffeine. They, obviously, think that the pros outweigh the cons. There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions to what caffeine really does to…show more content…
(Brown Students, 1) Headaches can occur when consuming too much or when your body is lacking the normal amount of caffeine it is used to. If the body is use to working on caffeine and using it to stay energized or awake it might not react well to not having the normal dosage or caffeine. Over time, when consuming caffeinated drinks regularly, it can increase blood sugar. This is caused some by the caffeine but mostly because of the sugar that these drinks contain, so caffeine is not directly related to increasing blood sugar. If a drink is found without containing much sugar, it reduces the chance for increases the body’s blood sugar level. (Swartzendruber, 1) Many other things that are consumed along with the food or beverages that contain caffeine can lead to health problems. An example would be that most Americans consume many drinks and foods with caffeine in them but the caffeine is not causing the health problems necessarily. This is because Americans consume things like soda and chocolate along with many other unhealthy foods and beverages that all lead to obesity and if not properly proportioned and put with the right amount of daily activity it can lead to some serious health problems. One can say the same as with foods, caffeine is good in moderation along with the right diet and exercise. Another downside to consuming the drinks that contain caffeine is that the sugar in a lot of these drinks causes an increase in blood sugar

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