Caffeine in Tea Samples

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Chemistr y Pr oject to Deter mine the Caffeine in Tea Samples

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Chemistry Project to Determine the Caf f eine in Tea
Determination of Caffeine in
Tea Samples
First of all T would like to thank my cousin brother M r. Ne e raj Naithani Research Scholar Department of Chemistry,
TTT Roorkee for his contribution in this study. T would also like to thank my Chemistry Teacher M s . Rampal in providing a helping hand in making my project titled “De te rmination Of Caffe ine In Te a Sample s
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Purely it is white, crystalline solid in the form of needles. Its melting point is 1230c. It is the main active principle component of tea leaves. It is present in tea leaves up to 3% and can be extracted by first boiling the tea leaves with water which dissolves many glycoside compounds in addition to caffeine. The clear solution is then treated with le ad ace tate to precipitate the glycoside compounds in the form of lead complex. The clear filtrate is then extracted with extracts caffeine because it is more soluble in it then water.
Determination of Caffeine in Tea Samples Ankit Bahnsiina (XTT-A)
Uses of Caffei ne :
l.In medicine, it is used to stimulate, central nervous system and to increase flow of urine.
2. Because of its stimulating effects, caffeine has been used to relieve fatigue. But it is dangerous and one may collapse if not consumes it under certain limit.
3. Caffeine is also used in analgesic tablets, as it is believed to be a pain reliever. It is also beneficial in migraines.
Determination of Caffeine in Tea Samples Ankit Bahnsnna (XTT-A)
Effect s of Caffei ne
l.It is psycho – stimulant.
2. It improves physical and mental ability.
3. Its effect in learning is doubtful but intellectual performance may improve where it has been used to reduce fatigue or boredom. 4.When administered internally, it stimulates heart and nervous system and also acts as diuretic. On the contrary their excessive use is harmful to digestion and their long
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