Cafr Analysis Essay

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Anahita Seyedin
Mr. Russell o. Parkman

County of San Diego
CAFR & Budget Analysis
San Diego County begins with the first landing by a European in the present state of California and the first European settlement in California , so that San Diego has been described as "the birthplace of California."
After being discovered by Portuguese explorers sailing under the Spanish flag Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo named the area San Miguel (estimated year: 1499-1543 ). It wasn’t until 1602 that San Diego got its namesake. Spain sent mapper Sebastian Vizcaino to map the California coast and
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the county concern is that they want to be committed and live within its means. By working with the Board of Supervisors County government in San Diego remains fiscally sound, operationally strong and able to meet the core needs of County residents within available revenues. The adopted budget for fiscal year 2011-12 contains $4.86 billion, which is 2.0% lower than the Fiscal Year 2010-11 budget. The Operational Plan of San Diego county also includes a total of 15,687 positions or 155 fewer than were budgeted in Fiscal Year 2010-11.
This Operational Plan preserves essential public safety and nonpublic safety services, continues the multi-year investment in the County's capital infrastructure and addresses increases in contributions to the retirement fund.
In the budget documents mention that the focus of the county will be emergency preparedness, fire protection and public safety; protect public health; promote healthier communities and living habits; conduct elections; maintain a strong, vibrant public library system; expand and protect park and open space resources and continue to promote sustainability and conservation. they will also complete Phase 1B of the County Operations Center and Annex redevelopment project and will start work on a new Sheriff's
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