Cairo: My City, Our Revolution By Ahdaf Soue Of Freedom

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Freedom isn’t given, it’s most definitely taken. There are far more factors playing against freedom than there are supporting freedom such as the greed for power, the countless secrets of multiple governments, and segregation. It may seem easy to some, but freedom is a blood, guts, and glory kind of deal. No country has ever received freedom before battling in a gruesome war or developing an uproar.
Greed is in our blood and there’s no way around it, however, there comes a point in time where it becomes too much. So much so that it blatantly takes away the civil rights of the native citizens. For example, the Egyptian revolution of 2011 was partially based upon the unfair treatment the people received from authorities such as police. The author of “Cairo: My City, Our Revolution”, Ahdaf Soueif explains how the people battled the government
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This is due to the fact that governments slowly deprive their people of little freedoms until altogether they have none left and they wrongfully do it by keeping them clueless. Accordingly citizen who sees the deceit and despicableness a government commits is a person who is dangerous to that government. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. confronts the governor of Alabama in his “I Have a Dream Speech” when he says, “with its governor having his lips dripping with words of interposition and nullification.” (King 50). This is only one example of how King exposed the government so shamelessly yet, effectively. Had he not had the prior knowledge he did or keep up with current events he might not have had the same effect. Consequently, citizens who are denied the freedom of being informed of government actions can devastate a country. This is because the people have the power to end the government when united, however the citizens of a country does not know of any wrongdoing of the government then how are they to know to put an end to
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