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C.A.K.E. Consulting Caring, Acting, Knowing, Experiencing Total Compensation 3255 (S50) Phase I Raman & Harveen Ferhana Chaudhary Rachit Jain Daniel Lal Raman Sidhu Henry Wang EXECUTIVE SUMMARY C.A.K.E. Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in compensation and rewards system management. Our current client, Duplox Copiers Canada Limited, is experiencing serious performance problems including: * High employee turnover * Decreased employee morale * Increase in customer dissatisfaction and complaints * A constant decrease in revenues and profits After thorough analysis of Duplox’s organizational structure, policies, current managerial and compensation strategy, we were able to expose the root…show more content…
Consulting is a compensation consulting firm appointed to assist our client Duplox Copiers Canada Limited to develop and implement a compensation strategy that best fits their organizational needs. Duplox is currently facing many organizational problems due to the lack of a suitable compensation and rewards strategy. In order to come up with the most appropriate managerial style and compensation strategy our team will: analyze their firm, identify the sources of the problems that they are facing, recommend any necessary organizational changes, formulate a new reward and compensation strategy, and design and implement a compensation system that will maximize Duplox’s success. We will evaluate various jobs by using the pay for knowledge, and point method to determine the level and methods of compensation required to motivate current employees and attract new employees. Section A: Identification of Current Organizational Problems. Issues and Problems Duplox Copiers Canada Limited (DCCL) is experiencing serious problems leading to an increase in costs and a decrease in both revenues and profits. Their employee turnover is up and morale is down. Customer dissatisfaction and complaints about the service received are increasing (Long, 3). Increased employee turnover in the company’s technical service department reflects the declining attitudes of the technical service specialists (TSS), towards their work and the company. This has significantly increased customer

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