Cake Decorating: Homemade or Store Bought? Essay

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There are so many reasons to need a cake; from birthdays to weddings and everything in-between. When a cake is needed; the first question I ask myself is, do I make it or go to the store? Sometimes we order a cake when we need one; pre-made and decorated. Other times we make them and their decorations. Depending on the circumstances in which the cake is needed one of the choices may work more effectively. How does someone know to buy or make a cake? There is a lot to consider when choosing to make a cake with love or buy one from the store. One thing we should think about when we need a cake; is the amount of time we have to get it where it needs to be. When someone buys a cake they have two choices when it comes to time. They can pick …show more content…

Same with the decorations and what is used to make them. Small homemade decorated cakes can also very in price. But at a 10-20 dollar margin it is still the cheapest way to go. Something else that is important to this decision to bake or buy are taste and texture. When buying a cake at stores; in my experience, the frosting is way too sweet or hard as a rock. Another thing stores do is use those hard pieces of colored sugar to decorate. They also use those edible sheets to print pictures on and slap them on the cake. In my opinion they both taste terrible. When choosing to make decorations there are way more choices for ingredients and flavors. Any candy, cookie or pretzel we can imagine can be used to decorate a cake. I learned many tricks for decorating from Cake Boss on TLC. From making rock candy for coral to sculpting rice crispy treats into various shapes and covering them in modeling chocolate. Most food taste better when made at home instead of the store; this goes for cake decorations. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; (so they say) and this is true for either cake/decorating choice. If the cake is store bought it should look presentable (be easy on the eyes) and if it does not look nice get your money back. When making decorations for a cake take breaks when needed. So stress does not take over the fun. Also we should try not to be so hard on ourselves if something we are making does not turn out right. It is

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