Cal And Its Effects On The Loss Of His Legs Essay

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Cal was a victim to several negligible acts that resulted in the loss of his legs. On the day in question Cal was a passenger in Abe’s car when it was in a collision with Deb’s vehicle. Although he only sustained minor injuries due to the initial impact, another negligible driver, Ann struck both cars causing Cal more traumatic injuries. Once Cal was at the hospital he was informed that he required a surgery to possibly save his legs, but was never explained the requirements or risks involved if the surgery was successful. He unknowingly consented to the surgery which was an unsuccessful, resulting in the loss of use of both of his legs. After the surgery Cal experienced indescribable amounts of pain and suffering, upon returning to the doctor it was discovered one of the surgeons had left a metal clamp inside Cal’s leg and sewed him up, which required additional surgery for its removal. Based on these facts, Cal has many legal rights to recover damages by those liable for his injuries.
The first option is to determine whose negligent driving caused the accident between Deb and Abe. Although Cal’s injuries were minor from the initial crash, without this action, Ann would have not hit the two cars injuring Cal further and losing his legs. Since Cal was in the car with Abe and could see his actions, it can be assumed that Deb was the negligible drive that caused the collision. It would be recommended that Cal and Abe collaborate to bring a law suit against Deb for negligible
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