Cal Baptist Scholarship Analysis

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The intent of this scholarship is for financial need. Recently my step dad has change jobs which has cut his income significantly. This scholarship would really help paying for college, since I will also have 2 other siblings in college at the same time as me. I will be furthering my academic education at California Baptist University and will majoring in photography. Attending Cal Baptist will give me the best education as well as provide me with a Christian education. It is very important to me that I will have a Christian education and that I will be surrounded by a family like community. Some of my goals for the future are to become a photographer, learn to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself, and get an internship over one…show more content…
Operation Christmas child and the Navajo Nation Mission Trip really impacted me and showed me just how a great an impact someone can have on people in need. Doing these community services and seeing how much a little help means to people brings me joy and to see how God is working through his people. I have done child care for my church life group, which I love watching kids and helping parents out so that they don't have to worry about their kids. This gives a chance for the parents to be able to pay attention and fellowship with others which is important. My favorite extracurricular actinides include: art (drawing, painting, photography), sports ( volleyball and soccer), outdoor activists( working out, hiking, kayaking), and archery. I believe i am uniquely qualified because I will be attending a Christian college wanting to further my education with a Christian view. Also, I hope to continue my community service during college by going on mission trips to places that my college provides. As well, I believe I am uniquely qualified because my goal is to use my passion in photography to share God's creation to the world, to show the world of all the different cultures, and to show others just how great an impact mission trips have. My passion for photography could impact others a lot with what they may see in my photography and that is why I believe i am
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