Cal Ripken Interview

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Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing educational support, sports-teamed afterschool programs and mentorship for at-risk youths across the United States. A semester long internship with the foundation provides an opportunity to experience and engage in teamwork, project management and collateral preparation. Additionally, the work environment persuades transparency, efficiency and interpersonal communication between the staff. The foundation heavily relies on its brand image and celebrity status bestowed by the Cal Ripken name. Hence, brand management is an integral part of any work done by members of the organization. Due to such, my internship experience with the foundation has allowed me to achieve career oriented…show more content…
Like at Notre Dame of Maryland University, everyone at the Cal Ripken Foundation were very welcoming, friendly and supportive. In a way, the culture at the foundation is their hallmark. However, from my conversations with various staff members, I detected concern over the potential of the loss of their intimate culture as the company pursues rapid expansion. During my tenure, I estimate that an average of 2 people were being interviewed per day. My supervisor confided in me that she had left her previous position because the culture of her prior employer also experienced drastic change. Undoubtedly, like the organizations and the people themselves, organizational culture tends to evolve with time. I have realized that change really is difficult. Even the slightest hint of change can be a large source of concern for employees. This has been a key observation of…show more content…
As our goal with collateral was to make the most impact, it was important for us to understand our audience and their tastes. For instance, information on program pamphlets needed to contain appropriate information. Length was also a key control factor in all my work. Since our events are designed to be a light and fun experience, the vibe had to match the writing we produced. Hence, at least for us, less was more. In addition, the class that has added the most value to my experience has been Teamwork and Negotiations. There are so many aspects to cooperation one cannot fully learn through reading a textbook. Working for a semester on multiple projects with the focus of developing a strong team has been phenomenal in learning the soft skills required to be an effective follower and leader. Humans are complicated beings. There is rarely an isolated causal relationship. Knowing there is not just one factor but a combination has made me a better listener and improved my intuitiveness. Additionally, it has helped me stop stereotyping people. As a result, the coursework has equipped me with transferable skills required of any typical worker who is required to work well both independently and in
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