Cal and Dan Guilty of First Degree Murder: A Case Study

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Cal and Dan: Guilty of Murder in the First
It was fortunate that Cal and Dan were subsequently arrested and taken into custody; the facts as they were expressed were absolutely sufficient enough to adequately sustain the charges of first degree murder or second degree murder of Opal. A person with a less comprehensive view of the law might disagree, but they would be mistaken.
Given the facts stated, no prosecutor will be able to prove that Cal or Dan actually committed first degree murder. "In order to prove that a defendant committed first degree murder, the prosecutor must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant killed an individual without lawful justification and: Intended to kill or inflict great bodily harm to that individual;Â or Knew that the acts create a strong probability of causing death or great bodily harm to the individual" (, 2013). Thus, one of the major aspects of convicting someone of first degree murder is the ability to prove intent. Clearly, Cal aimed his weapon at Officer Pat and demonstrated an obvious intent to engage in serious bodily harm of Officer Pat, Officer Pat is not the one who is dead. No harm came to Officer Pat. Even though Opal followed after Cal and Dan with a gun they did not fire at her.
One could argue instead that the reckless endangerment came from Officer Pat. According to the facts, his fired shots were ineffective: "Officer Pat returned fire, but the gunshots missed the intended target." It is

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