Calculating the Morphotectonic Indices of the Mula River Basin, Western Maharashtra, India

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Tectonic geomorphology is defined as the study of landforms produced by tectonic processes, or the application of geomorphic principles to the solution of tectonic problems (Keller, E.A. and Pinter N. 1996). Geological structure plays a crucial role in determining a wide field of relief forms, even in areas where exogenetic factors are regarded as the dominant ones in the landscape (Ahnert 1998; Bloom 1998; Ritter et al. 2002). In recent years Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data and Geographical Information System (GIS) technologies have been extensively used to determine the morphometric properties of tectonically active regions. In addition the use of Remote Sensing and GIS techniques to evaluate the tectonic formation of
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The area lies between 190 02’8” to 190 31’ 28” North Latitude and 730 40’ 56” to 740 50’ 39” East Longitude. Elevation in varies between 464 and1473 m MSL. The location map of the study area is depicted in Figure 1.
The materials used for the morphotectonic analysis include:
a) Topographic maps of study area at 1:50,000 scale. b) ASTER Digital Elevation Model c) Lineament Map. d) Drainage Map of the Study area.

Morphotectonic Analysis: From this analysis we come to know the behavior of the area and we get information about tectonic control of the area so in this article we have calculated Mountain fronts synosity index, valley floor width to height ratio and Drainage Basin Asymmetry for Mula river Basin of the study area.
1. MOUNTAIN FRONT SINUOSITY: This index tell us that whether the fronts of area is active or not by tectonically. The index is defined as;
Smf = Lmf / Ls Where
Smf= mountain front sinuosity index
Lmf= true distance along the same contour line
Ls= straight line distance along a contour line
The morphology of a mountain front depends upon the degree of tectonic activity along the front. Active fronts will show straight profiles with lower values of Smf, and inactive or less active fronts are marked by irregular or more eroded profiles, with higher Smf values (Wells et al., 1988). In the present study Smf

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