Calculus Class Goal

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On one hand, one of the elements that make my HRMGT150 and Calculus 101 a positive experience is that I am internally motivated to learn. My goal for my class HRMGT 150 is, learning for my professional growth. In this class, I have been learning about hotel management, due to the fact that I want to work in this field. Moreover, Professor Mr. Kevin Anthony is a very experienced teacher, who utilizes multiple learning modalities to deliver his lectures. His Power Point Presentations and videos are concise and related to the topic. On the other hand, my calculus class goal is to learn as much as I can and master its skills, because I desire to be able to help mu daughters with their math classes. Here the intent to remember as well as motivation are two of Dr. Myron Dembo’s principles, which are guiding me through the semester. Moreover, some of the calculus material, which I learned in college few years ago, but my memory was fuzzy, due to the fact that I…show more content…
However, I appreciate that when I have questions, doubts, or I need more information both professors, answer to my e-mails within twenty-four hours or before. By answering promptly, they give the possibility to review the lectures, research, and complete my assignments, after they clarify my concerns. Therefore, my student success is attributed to the excellent professors, which I have, my personal efforts, and dedication to my class work. Finally, in relation to text anxiety, I am thankful, because both professors give me enough time to answer their exams. Having two hours to answer their battery of tests, reduce my natural anxiety. Fortunately, I am not experiencing panic attacks. Despite the excellent professors, good teaching techniques, and my best efforts, I enjoy more Hotel Management, due to the fact that I want to prepare myself for the next step of my life. I enjoy less calculus, due to its lack of daily life
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