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Caledonian Credit Company (C.C.C) Outcome DJ42-34 CCCCC The managing director of C.C.C had asked me to answer the following 7 questions relating to customer care/ focus and aftercare. To understand what excellent customer care and the impact of both positive and negative experiences can have on a customer, we must firstly understand what a customer is and secondly what Customer Care is. A customer can either be an individual or a business, on a daily basis we interact with customers both internally and externally. Each customer will have a unique set of requirements and needs. For external customers this could be to have bank accounts to save money in, ability to pay bills (Direct debits etc), buy/sell shares, create pension…show more content…
To enable C.C.C to embrace this concept there needs to be a radical change in the management style. Obstacles which will stand in the way of customer care would be poor communication, lack of commitment from management, proper staff training and lack of resources. The most appropriate style of management would be no.3 the Flat organisation. This will remove some of the barriers between external and internal customers. Question 4 overlaps with no.3, to remove some of the decision making levels of management means that that front line staff need to have the ability and responsibility to make decisions and respond to customer complaints in a manner which does not need to be authorised by the high level management. An example of this could be charges placed on a customer’s account for their account going overdrawn due to an oversight. The front line staff can be given the authority to on individual cases to refund those charges if they felt that it was more an oversight that intentionally abusing the overdraft facility. In doing this it gives both the customer satisfaction and also the staff in that they are making a difference helping C.C.C in attaining targets. Empowering the staff should also make the role of management easier, if issues arise the managers can ask the staff how they think they can resolve or improve services without them

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