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Case Study #2: Campus Calendar

Executive Summary

Collegiate Images (CI) is a start-up envisioned by eight college students. They have a small amount of starting capital and face a handful of key product and operational decisions. They have settled on making a calendar with images of students in it. How they go about this is key, their relative success will be immediately apparent and their initial set of decisions will be critical to the entire endeavor.

They have collected some data and are aware of the fixed costs of setup and production. CI needs to understand the basic factors of their enterprise and not become too focused on their data to such an extent that they use it guide all decision making, they need to retain a basic
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Since college sports fans and alumni are also potential customers it’s important to reach them as well. A tactically planned and buzz-worthy promotional and selling strategy is also a key component.

Classification and definition of industry
CI is selling campus calendars to students, alumni and the public. They are in the calendar business with a niche offering. The collegiate students are their calendar models and primary audience. The campus calendar is primarily a novelty item, but it does also fill the basic functions of a standard wall calendar.

Analysis of existing competitors and substitute products The basic calendar functions are handled a variety of other ways as discussed. Access to an electronic organizer or calendar on a phone or computer is virtually ubiquitous. The campus calendar’s primary function is to be something you want hung on the wall because it’s nice to look at. There are a variety of other calendars featuring attractive people from a variety of other sources. The special value of the people being featured is that they are Eastern Washington University students, and in this regard there is no other competitive student photo calendar as presented in this case.

Analysis of potential new entrants There

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