Calendars and Time

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Calendars and Time May 23, 2011 HIS458 Calendars and Time Calendars have existed everywhere throughout man’s history. Each culture had their own opinion and reasoning behind the calendars that were developed and used. Whether guided by the moon, the sun, the seasons, or the rotation of Earth, man has been working to devise a calendar that keeps accurate account of time and that fits into each cultural life style. The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar today, but that doesn’t make it the only one. There are several different calendars in existence including the World calendar. Each has its good attributes and each has its negative attributes. The following is an examination of the above mentioned calendar systems.…show more content…
This calendar system cannot be easily divided into equal halve or quarters, the number of days per month are not in any systematic order, and months or years can start on any day of the week. Ben Snowden (2007), of Pearson Education, writes: “Holidays pegged to specific dates may also fall on any day of the week, and vanishingly few Americans can predict when Thanksgiving will occur next year” ( Best of All Possible Calendars?, Para. 1). With all of these oddities it almost seems illogical to keep such a calendar system for most of the world! The World Calendar It is a fantastic, but perhaps far-fetched idea for the entire world to be using the same calendar system. The World Calendar Association has been petitioning for the united use of this calendar for many years, but not everyone is jumping on board. The idea is simple; the calendar is exactly the same every year. The calendar can be divided in to equal quarters, each having 91days. The four quarters are identical because the three months have 31, 30, and 30 days respectively. Each month had 26 weekdays, each year begins on Sunday, 1 January, and each quarter begins on a Sunday and ends on Saturday. World Calendar has an additional day after December 30th which is dated with “W”. This is for Worldsday, a year-end world holiday. IT also has included “Leapyear Day” that is added at the end of the second quarter which would
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