Calgary Stampede History

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The Calgary Stampede is integral in the identity for the city of Calgary. The city of Calgary is growing and evolving which makes it a challenge in meeting the expectations of all the Calgary Stampede stakeholders. The Calgary Stampede has achieved their purpose to celebrate western heritage, culture and community spirit; however, the stakeholders are not aware of their vison of making the Stampede a year round gathering place for the community in 2016. The Calgary Stampede History The Calgary Stampede has evolved and changed throughout the years since the first exhibition in 1886 to the first Calgary Stampede and on till 2016. The purpose of the exhibition was to settle the west and foster a community spirit were people could share their knowledge…show more content…
During the flood Shaw assisted the city with free wifi and Telus received negative publicity for not doing the same. The banks that did not announce assistance during the Slave Lake fire received negative publicity. The fire in Fort McMurray gave Westjet more positive publicity than they could have bought that when they had time to make a blog post they the public know that there were other companies also involved. Air Canada had social media rage go viral as the public believed that they were price gauging during that same…show more content…
Ignorance to other cultures leads to fear and throughout history this fear can lead to violence. An example is seen in any serial killer who escalates in their crimes, such as, Keith Hunter, who started with animals and worked his way up to killing many women until he finally was caught after killing his fiancée. This serial killer is not from Calgary and not learning about other cultures will drive everyone to kill; however, the more understanding we have of others the less fear there is towards other cultures. I believe the problem our country has with missing aboriginal women is in large part due to the marginalization of this culture throughout
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