Calhoun Community College Research Paper

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Calhoun community college is one of the largest community college's in the state and is steadily rising in its size and exposure to people in the state. Calhoun is a great school that does a lot of things that a community college do in great ways and even adds to it in other ways that some colleges don’t do which elevates this college to an amazing level. But there still are plenty of things that Calhoun community college can do to make it a more desirable location. Calhoun tries to appeal to all age groups but that is understandable because it is a community college and is easily accessible by all ages, races, and genders which appeals to everyone. However mostly young people who of the large majority have just graduated high school
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There could be a multitude of events that could take place, examples of this would be tailgates, bonfires, camp outs, and a lot more examples. People from the surrounding areas would gain from this student life also and would feel more invited to come to the campus of Calhoun community college. Calhoun already tries to sell people who are interested in something there with their promise of student life but in reality there is not much of a student life to speak of. But with the addition of these events that would take place would make the college making it a prime reason for going to the college would make a lot more sense and be a lot more plausible. Students who have the experience of social life at their schools would most likely have a happier school life which would possibly motivate them to do better in the academic classes. Plenty of money could be made from these athletic programs also.
The money that would be made by these programs would be remarkable.
Calhoun would gain a substantial amount of money just of one new athletic program, but If they implement multiple new athletic programs Calhoun would benefit very heavily financially from all of this. More money for the university would open up
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