Cali Cartel vs. Tijuana Cartel

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The drug trade is a very large and complex system. There are many different organizations involved at different levels. There are groups that operate only in growing and selling the product, and only groups that buy and distribute the drugs. In this essay I will discuss the similarities and differences of two of the largest growers and sellers in the drug trade: The Cali Cartel of Columbia and the Tijuana Cartel of Mexico. The Cali Cartel is the largest, richest, and most complex producers and distributors of cocaine. The cartel concentrates almost entirely in cocaine. Over time they have developed an extremely large and sophisticated distribution system and have generated an extraordinary amount of wealth. Because of their…show more content…
The regional director reports directly to one of the top drug lords, based in Colombia. This structure has worked very well and it is because of the cartels complex system that they have been so successful. However, these organizations would cease to exist if they didn 't reside within the governments that they do. The Cali Cartels operations are made much easy because of warring paramilitary groups in Columbia. These groups protect the growers in their specific areas. If there were to be peace in Columbia and the two groups agree to a ceasefire, the growers would then be vulnerable to government intervention. In Mexico, the AFO thrives on the large number of corrupt Mexican officials. The cartel makes it a very smart choice for a government official or law enforcer to help them. Not only are they bribed, but they are also threatened with violence. Everyone in Mexico knows from the history of this group that they mean business and any threat is very legitimate. Because of the large amount of corruption in the Mexican government, the Tijuana cartel flourishes. Both of these cartels are custom made for the area they are located in. If the systems were to switch geographic locations, they would not be nearly as successful. Over the years, the groups have molded to form the perfect fit for a drug cartel to operate in their specific area. As
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