Caliban Slavery

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When reading The Tempest you notice that the only colored person we come across is Caliban and of course he is not free but he is a slave. Caliban has a horrible life and isn’t treated well. Caliban can relate to the African slavery that went on during the 15th to 19th century. Slavery was an extremely powerful thing that went on earlier in history even though it was a horrible thing to do. Slavery was a way to keep lower class people and the upper class people away from each other and different by having the lower class serve the upper classes. As well as when Native Americans were forced into American indoctrination, they were forced to believe and do as they were told and weren’t so free anymore even though they were in their lands. While…show more content…
Natives were the first to be here on the lands this was their home until they were forced to do something that they didn’t want to do. They were forced to make their home a lot smaller than they had before. Their big lands of home turned into a miniature size of what they had and it turned into reservations that only the Native Americans would be able to live there it would be like their own state in a way. About tens of thousands Native Americans were said to have been relocated to Indian Territory which is now today part of Oklahoma throughout the 1830s. It was known that some tribes had left without much hesitation but others were heartbroken when they wanted to leave. A big part of them not wanting to leave was because the lands they were on were ancestral lands. When they moved to Oklahoma they still had more land that was still not considered a reservation. It wasn’t until The Indian Appropriations Act of 1851 that Native Americans were now forced to relocate and their lands were now called reservations. Native Americans connect very well with Caliban because they were both forced to share the home that was theirs. They took away what was theirs and used it for…show more content…
Native Americans and African slaves make up Caliban very well because he in a way was those two combined. All these different people were treated badly even though the lands were their homes too, they were forced to work for others and to give up their lands even though they might have been in their families for multiple generations. At least today we no longer face many of these problems. Even though Native Americans still don’t have their lands they used to have before they have their reservations which is better than nothing especially since people that aren’t from their tribe can’t stay
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