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Alqarni, Abdullah Homework Assignment # 8 Geology 1, Section # 1176 or 1177 (pick one) Dr. Beraki Woldehaimanot Date (assignment completed) QUESTIONS GEOLOGIC TIME 1. Distinguish between numerical (radioactive) dates and relative dates. numerical specify the actual number of years that have passed since an event occurred; relative means placing rocks in their property sequences of formation 2. Refer to the geologic cross section accompanying question 10 on page 333 (your textbook). Your task is to place the lettered features in the proper sequence, from oldest to youngest. 3. Would you expect to find fossils of humans and Dinosaurs in the same rock? Explain. No. 4. Define half-life. Half-life is defined…show more content…
Impermeable, surficial materials such as massive bedrock and asphalt paving prevent infiltration so moisture runs off or evaporates. Water infiltrates more readily into moist, unsaturated regolith than into dry regolith. Dense, vegetative cover enhances infiltration because soils are typically moist and porous, thus runoff is retarded. In forested areas, trees slow down the rate at which precipitation is delivered to the land surface, and considerable moisture is temporarily stored in humus and forest litter. On gentle, tree covered slopes and flat lying terrain, slow runoff enhances infiltration. Runoff is accelerated on steep slopes and in areas with sparse vegetation, and infiltration decreases accordingly. The rate at which water is delivered to the land surface has a very important effect on infiltration. Short-lived storms with intense rainfall result in lower infiltration and increased runoff because the water "piles up" on the surface faster than it can infiltrate. During periods of light to moderate rainfall, runoff is retarded and infiltration rises accordingly. Special environmental conditions, such as snow melting above frozen ground, greatly intensify runoff and reduce infiltration; conversely, snow melting above unfrozen ground can result in a high percentage of the moisture infiltrating the soil. Thus regional and local climatic factors are also important. 9. How does geology

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