Californi The Golden State

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California, the golden state is usually described as the sunshine state, has everything one would want from the beautiful sunsets on the beach to the amazing mountains full of snow. The state is one of the largest in the country, which means there is an abundance of space that allows a person to roam around the different areas within the state. It is also well known for the plethora of cultures that makes the state very unique and diverse. It is the home of Hollywood and all its movie stars with the warm, sunny weather that can 't be beat. When someone sees California on a map, one may not see the differences between lives in Southern California versus lives in Northern California; but despite the fact that it is one state, they are distinctively different from their environment, lifestyle, and linguistics. Nonetheless, they have elements that they share and bring the state together to be a beautiful place to enjoy. Living in southern California is everything. The large city, with its beautiful surroundings of the beach that someone can just get away or the beautiful mountains that someone can escape to and have an amazing view of the large beautiful city; has a lot of scenery to enjoy. For example one is close enough to visit the beach and watch the sunset. On the other hand one is close enough to visit multiple hikes like the Griffith Park, Mt Baldy, and the famous hike to the Hollywood sign that give a breath taking view of the city. Southern California also has many…
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