California And Texas Welfare Programs

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California and Texas Welfare Programs
Poverty and unemployment are two national issues. Every counties are trying to solve them because these problems can lead to some serious problems later such as criminal problems, health problems, or economic problems in countries. There are 50 states in the United State, and government of every states have welfare systems under control of the federal government for helping poor people and unemployed people pay for their living costs including medical cost, children care, housing assistance, and food. Even this program seems like a helpful government program, some people do not like it. They are unhappy because some people who have little or no earnings do not want to apply for jobs, have more children because they can get more benefits, or even stay single so they can get some better helps. Types and amount of money available in welfare policy depends on various factors in each states. Even though some states might be similar in size, population, or climate, they can have different welfare policy. Some people might think that California and Texas have many similarities because both of them are the most populous states in the United State and the fastest growing economies in the world. On the other hand, California and Texas have remarkable differences in their welfare programs.
According to (California), there are ten California welfare programs. One is CalFresh or known as food stamps. This program gives some

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