California County And The East Of West Virginia

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Berkeley County is located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. As of the 2015 census the estimated population was 111,901. The county was formed in 1772 and some believe it to be named for Norborne Berkeley, Baron de Botetourt others believe it was named in honor of Sir William Berkeley. The largest city in Berkeley County is Martinsburg; the Town of Hedgesville is located next to Martinsburg. The Town of Hedgesville has a population of 320, it is considered urban while the surrounding areas are rural, farming communities. The median income in Berkeley County in 2010-2014 was $55,100; 14.4 % of the residents in Berkeley County live below the poverty level. The race/ethnicity make-up of Berkeley County is: white alone – 88%, Black alone – 7%, Hispanic - 4% and Asian alone - 1%. In 2016 the population of Tomahawk Intermediate is 600 students, the race/ethnicity breakdown is: white alone – 512, black alone – 22, Asian – 7, Hispanic – 32, Pacific Island – 1, and two or more races – 30.
The School
Tomahawk Intermediate has grades third, fourth and fifth, all students are bussed unless the parents choose to do parent drop off/pick up. The district spending per student was $12,247 in 2014. Tomahawk Intermediate has a 17:1 student to teacher ratio, the female to male ratio is 311:289. At Tomahawk Intermediate 41% of the students qualify for free or reduced school lunch. The school also participates in the Backpack program, which sends bags of food home with…
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