California Credit Life Insurance Group Case Analysis

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California Credit Life Insurance Group Case Analysis

California Credit Life Insurance Group (CCLI) was founded in 1971 in Los Angeles with over 15 Regional Offices and 230 Sales Representatives of about one third being females. CCLI offers various product lines ranging from health, automobile, to commercial and related financial services.
Currently Diane Flanagan VP, HR and Kevin Stark, VP of CCLI are challenged with resolving the work environment and in making CCLI a more Women friendly organization. Secondly they have been pulled into another soup by one of their female employeesSuzette Renoldi who joined the CCLI in 2003 after her graduation with a business degree has filed a sexual discrimination suite against Bradford, their Area Sales Manager for Southeastern Region. Suzette had been a strong performer initially though she hasn’t been showing great results in the past 2 years as she has been unable to achieve her quota which has been setup by the area sales manager based on guidelines given by the Stark, VP of the organization. She had previously requested Bradford to change her sales territory so that she has a better potential of growth, turning down which Bradford told her that its her inefficiency to entertain clients that has lead to the downfall and not the fact that its not a potential market. This led Suzette to take a step forward and go legal. Not being the first one against Bradford, Diane and Stark have to take a decision about the…
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