California Department Of Transportation ( Caltrans ) Essay

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Thank you for providing the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) the opportunity to review and comment on the Initial Study and Notice of Preparation of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the City of Colton Roquest Ranch Specific Plan (Project), located west of La Cadena Drive and north of Center Street in the City of Colton. The project proposes to develop the 336.2-acre site with up to 1,050 residential dwelling units, 1.2 acres of neighborhood commercial use, 22.3 acres of recreational open space, 199.7 acres of open space, a 0.8-acre fire station site, and a 10.3-acre school site.

As the owner and operator of the State Highway System (SHS), it is our responsibility to coordinate and consult with local jurisdictions when proposed development may impact our facilities. As the responsible agency under the California Environmental Quality Act, it is also our responsibility to make recommendations to offset associated impacts with the proposed project. Although the project is under the jurisdiction of the City of Colton, due to the project’s potential impact to the State facilities, including Interstate 10, Interstate 215, State Route 60, and State Route 91, it is also subject to the policies and regulations that govern the SHS.

In the preceding Environmental Impact Report (EIR), we recommend a scoping meeting prior to the preparation of the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) to discuss any potential issues and accurately evaluate the extent of
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