California Dream

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English 110 A Dream or a Nightmare? It seems to be the best place in the world to some people. The drive for success and opportunity to strike it rich seems to be the main reason. In California, if you put your time and one hundred percent effort into what you want to be you could be successful in any field of study. The amount of individuals who have the same dreams and aspirations of wanting to come to California and make the “California Dream” possible decreases the opportunities available. Everyday individuals in our society strive to become successful and obtain a relaxing, fun life. Living in California and becoming successful could come easily with no hard work. But, the majority
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California's laid back reputation, hip surfers, astound weather, and conspicuous movie stars made it the place to be. But in reality my perception of the

California dream was to obtain a solid education/degree, a healthy family, financially dependent, and live in a suitable geographical location that bests suits me.

No matter where in the world,California's large scale homes, famous actors/movie stars, and perfect climate will always hold it's amazing, respectable reputation. The further you're away from California the more people are amused with the aspects that make it up. With that being said, depending on where you live your aspirations of California are different or not as hyped. I realized this my Junior year in High School when I went to visit my older brother Garrett in Shanghai, China with my family. Going on vacation to China, sure I thought I would be amazed with their culture and lifestyle but what was more interesting and shocking to me was how fortunate and lucky California or the United States in general really is. Diversity in California is what makes it so different from anywhere in the world. When I traveled to China that was the first time I noticed most of the same race in one country. America has a piece of every country in them due to the migration from foreigners in the Gold rush. Society looks at California with such high standards because it has the combination of relaxation and success. When individuals
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