California Evaluation System

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California and Missouri Teacher Evaluation Systems
For the purpose of this research activity, I wanted to focuses on Missouri and California. I have worked at both states, and have found both states to have their own systems for evaluation teachers, but at the same time they are very similar. Both states, like many other states, agree that our previous evaluation systems have not helped teacher grow to their potential. Both evaluation systems as set in place to help teachers grow, improve their practice, allow them to grow professionally, and overall enhance student learning. The purpose of having an evaluation system is to ensure we see higher student learning. Both states aim to use their evaluation process with helping teachers become professional educators who can have the tools necessary to work on student academic growth.
California’s Teacher Evaluation System
In California, all teachers are required to be part of a union. Because unions are so strong, they have a lot of say and involvement in the decision making of teachers. In 2012, the California Teachers Association developed a teacher evaluation system that was implemented by a great majority of school districts.
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They were also set to meet the needs of the state’s diverse student population. Just like Missouri, California evaluation process involves the focus of two standards as a focus. Both states can agree that is unrealistic for teachers to focus on all standards at once or try to be proficient at all the standards. Just like our state, California expects teachers to pick standards to focus on, conference with their administrator, and together agree on a plan for growth. When I was in California, I believe we had this system in place. I remember going over the standards with my principal and setting goals together. Once the goals are in place, the principal makes sure they follow the evaluation process with these goals in
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