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There have been many discoveries that have shaped our nation as a whole. Discoveries have allowed our country to thrive and become one of the most powerful nations in the world. When we look back at our nation's rich history, it is clear to see that there was one discovery in particular that had a vast impact on the United States; the discovery was gold in California. It was in this vastly unoccupied territory that the American dream was forever changed and California emerged as a powerful state busting at the seams. The California Gold Rush shaped California into the state that it is today. California is defined by its promise of entrepreneurial success and its acceptance and encouragement of obtaining the American Dream. During the…show more content…
As the years went on, more and more Americans began moving to California. Sutter was enthused and saw them as opportunities to enhance his kingdom. Sutter had no idea that this was just a glimpse of the migration that was soon to come. Encouraged by the skill level of the new Americans, Sutter decided to become a mill and lumberman. Now, he just had to find the right location and a talented craftsman. In 1845 a man by the name of James Marshall moved to California. He was a carpenter who excelled at all things mechanical. However, similar to Sutter, he had never had great success on his own ventures. Marshall knew that Sutter was looking for a site to build a mill, so he set forth to discover the perfect location. He traveled forty-five miles away from the fort and discovered a valley that appeared to be the perfect location. He knew that the spot could produce enough water power to power the mill, and it had ample amounts of timber located in close proximity. Sutter inspected the site, approved it, and began a partnership with Marshall on August 27, 1847. The work began on the mill and Marshall continued to oversee the site. On the morning of January 24, as was his custom, Marshall walked down to inspect the tailrace. Well down it, about 200 feet from the mill, he chanced to se a glittering particle lodged on the bedrock of the channel. He saw more, some mere flakes and others as large as a grain of wheat. He collected these

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