California Government Structure Essay

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Structure of California’s Government
Headed by the governor of the state, the state govt. of CA replicates the Federal govt. It has three branches that perform their assigned tasks and keep within the limits set by the constitution. These branches are:
While this division has been created to give structure to the government and ensure its smooth and effective functioning, there is, more importantly, the need to keep the power of the branches in check and to make them accountable to each other. There is a system of ‘checks and balances’ that comes into play with this segregation of duties and separation of power. This system’s inception has been attributed to Montesquieu. (

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The governor of CA has maintained a strong position in some areas while vacillating in some, or displaying a considerable decline in others.
Using a scale of 1-5 in which 5 is the strongest, statistics maybe examined to see changes / typical / trends in CA - 2000 to 2007
Governor’s Budget Power: 3
Governor’s Veto Power: 5
Governor’s Institutional Power: 3.2 (3.4 in 2000)
The Governor Rating in the year 2000 placed CA’s governor at an overall rating of 3.4 and a rank of 29 among the nation.
What is interesting to note is the rating given to ‘Power of the Legislature to Change Governor’s Budget’ which was 1 on a 1 - 5 scale in a study conducted by Dr.Thad Beyle. This shows the CA governor as wielding a certain amount of influence in the legislature’s passing of his proposed budget, Of course, the constitution mandates that the budget be balanced and, if not, then the previous year’s budget remain effective. This already puts limitations and expectations in the budget’s formulation.
Executive Order
Another form of legislation is an executive order. Executive orders as issued by state governors are not laws, but do have the same binding nature.
An example of specific power that is vested in the governor and that may not be overridden unless it is in conflict with the Article of
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