California Has Gone Beyond National Policies Setting Higher Environmental Standards

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I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: California consumes the lowest amount of electricity per head in the country, yet we have one of the most expensive residential electricity prices in the U.S. Families earning less than 40,000 annually are paying more for electricity than wealthier families.

B. Thesis Statement: California has gone beyond national policies setting higher environmental standards than required making it one of the most energy efficient states in the world while producing 15% of the nation’s renewable energy.

C. Credibility Statement:
1. I have experienced high rates first hand. It’s never fun paying $700 for one month of energy when your home claims to be energy efficient.
2. I have also been let down due to
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c. Another advantage is that there is no pollution releasing into the atmosphere.
d. Renewable energy is Sustainable clean energy.

Transition: Now that I have told you the differences between Sustainable, nonrenewable and renewable energy, now I will address the high energy prices in California.

B. Electric companies are keeping middle and lower income families’ one bill away from a financial disaster.
1. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulates the rates charged for electricity
a. According to the SCE website, the commission’s decision to increase rates is structured to “… more closely aligned with the actual costs of providing electric service and provides many customers living in high-temperature areas long-overdue relief from high electric rates”. .
b. In addition, a High Usage Charge has been implemented for families that exceed their baseline allowance.
c. SCE also states, “This baseline allocation is established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and is based on where you live, the season (winter or summer), and whether your home is “all electric” or uses both electricity and gas.”
d. SCE is also charging those who choose to use Sustainable Clean energy a flat fee each month regardless of the fact no energy was used from SCE.
2. Here in Southern

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