California High Speed Rail

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California High Speed Rail Michael Kimbrell English 1 Ms. Irwin August 21, 2011 California High Speed Rail Looking at the California high speed rail project truly has shocked the public and makes them wonder if this is a great plan for California’s environment. “The current plan will connect San Francisco with Los Angeles cutting a six hour car ride down to two hours and forty minutes”(Souza, 2011). The train running through Kings County will take out many dairies and cut even more in half. Making these cuts will be hard for dairymen to get to their crops or feed their animals. Building the rail is a bad idea due to the fact; money will be taken from schools, it will devastate the future of California’s agriculture industry,…show more content…
Conclusion If this high speed rail in California is built the school system will be at its bare minimums, will devastate the future of California’s agriculture industry, furthermore it will not produce long term steady jobs to boost the economy. Americans always want bigger and better things or the fast paced life style. Is it better to have luxury when the state is at a time in crisis and can barely afford to stay running? Sometimes people rush into things just because it is new or seems like a great idea. When voting for this high speed rail to come ripping through the heart of California Americans need to think about the future and what is at stake. Schools keep students educated so they could go out and be successful person, agriculture feeds California and produces jobs that feeds workers families. California is a great state and should not be torn apart by a train. References Behrens, Z. (2010, september 14). China and japan want to build and finance California's high speed rail system:Laist. Retrieved August 22, 2011, from Laist Corporation web site: Dias, L. G. (2011, August 20). Local guest commentary: wha's more inportant? Students or trains? Retrieved August 22, 2011, from Hanford Sentinel: Price, M. (2011, July 5). high-speed train set to darail dairy farm:Dairy Herd Network. Retrieved August 22, 2011, from Dairy Herd
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