California Is Destroying The State Of California

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Many people have suffered from water crisis. Places like California have been dealt with this for some time and has affected so many people lives. Is destroying the most important areas where water is needed. In addition, several people get caught by this situation which eventually leads to death. This is definitely a major issue in today 's world since is destroying the state of California. Most people who come to California for their first time are not even aware that these problems occur and are just putting their one life in risk. Water should to be conserved in order to keep it in the years to come. Right now as we speak, California is having serious issues with water. California Governor Jerry brown is taking action to stop this…show more content…
This population provided the needed labor in the commercial exploitation of oil. With the small percentage of arable land and low precipitation in the country, it became considerably important to develop water alternatives that meet the peoples’ needs. Since the country has little amounts of surface water, it has focused on the extraction of underground water and desalinization in order to sustain the growing water demands. Similarly, the economic proceedings in the country have facilitated the appropriate means of supplying water. Regardless of the government’s efforts, there still exists a huge gap between the amount of water supplied and its demand. Therefore, the study focuses on the factors that influence water crisis in UAE. In analyzing the water crisis, the study seeks to establish the role that nature and people play in contributing to the phenomenon. In this regard, conclusions will be drawn based on the major contributor, which has escalated the water crisis in UAE. This implies nature will entail factors such as the level of precipitation and availability of surface and underground water, which enhance the adversity of water crisis in the country. On the other hand, people will entail analysis of the level of water utilization in activities such as agriculture, electricity generation, and consumption. Therefore, they can establish the major contributors to the water crisis. California
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