California Is The Highest Amount Of Electoral Voters

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In United State, there are two big political parties which are the Republican and the Democrat. They have been dominating the country as majority of the President of the United States are from these two parties. In history, we know that California was the 31st state of the United States and was admitted official on September 9, 1850. California is the most populated states in the United States which is located at the West Coast of the United States. Due to this, the politic in California has a big effect to the country. As we all know, California has the highest amount of electoral voters. As California is a huge state, there is a need to understand the state political landscape. Prior to the 1980’s, the state was largely divided on a North-South Axis. Before that, Democrats only dominated the Bay Area and part of Los Angeles County. At that time, most of Southern Californians were Republican Supporter. At the same time, the Central Valley was sparsely populated. This means that it is hard to know which political mindset they have. An example would be the state divided over peripheral canal which was passes in the south while 97% vote against in the north. As time passed, California has transform from a North-South divide to a new East-West divide. This political divide can be proof that Democrats control all coastal districts north of Ventura County which change from Republican control 14 in 1990. Democrats are also controlling two seats in San Diego County. 13 of 19
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