California Mateo County Small Claims Court

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In order to file a small claims lawsuit, you must first understand a few things about small claim courts. We are going to be using the San Mateo County small claims court for the entire essay. First of all, for San Mateo County small claims, you may not sue for over ten thousand dollars if you are a natural person, or five thousand dollars if you are a business entity. You could sue in the “civil division of the superior court” if you would like to sue for more money than ten thousand dollars. If you have a claim over ten thousand dollars, you may still sue in a small claims court, but would lose any value above your specific limit. Specifically, with the San Mateo Small Claims Court, you may not file 3 or more cases in small claims…show more content…
You must be at least 18 in order to file a small claims lawsuit, but an adult or legal guardian may file a small claim on their behalf.
In order to file a small claims lawsuit, you must do a variety of other requirements prior to filing the claim. Before even going through the process of filing a small court claim, you must notify the defendant clearly stating why you think they owe you money, and how much money they actually owe you. This is to show you at least put an effort out to resolve the issue instead of going straight to the small claims court. It should include a summary of the situation, a date for them to respond by, proof of what they did wrong, and to warn them that you will take legal action if the matter is not solved. You may do this verbally, or you may write a letter to the defendant. If you chose to write a letter, you must make sure you keep record of the letter, and also print an extra copy for the court. If they do not pay back the money they owe to you or find a solution, then you should proceed with taking legal action.
Although it may sound extremely simple, it is very important that you receive the name, address, and phone number of the person or business you are suing so you can correctly add them into the claim. If you have trouble finding more details on the defendant, than you can use a California Secretary of State website to access the information if you are searching for a corporation,
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