California Promised Land of Opportunity

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California, a state loved for its fabulous warm weather and vast doors of opportunities. The state captivates people by its beauty, but also the chance to a prosperous future. A quality of lifestyle CA promises, its vast landscapes, a place where big industries have grown, and Hollywood where the brightest stars shine. These are a few points that make California great. There are plenty who immigrate to this state, most seeking that long cherish dream. A dream fueled by desire in order to surpass current limitations and reach individual happiness. The state of California welcomes everyone with open arms, for those seeking California as their new home. James J. Rawls, a history professor at Diablo Valley College; discusses the beauty of California, but in “California-A place, A people, A dream” he also demonstrates the dark truth of CA hides, which he calls California paradoxes (Rawls). Here is where the paradox of growth comes into play on his writing. This has led to many problems over CA long course of history. The overpopulation numbers in reality make everyone a contender in this lustrous game of dreams. It is turning the dream for an opportunity to make it a reality into just an illusion. “Here too we see the dynamic quality of the dream” California might offer many an opportunity to turn those dreams into a reality. The competition is fierce as everyone is a contender. Rawls declares that, “California became the nation’s most populous state […]” (Rawls). Therefore,
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