California Should Adopt Oregon 's Death With Dignity Law

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California should adopt Oregon’s Death With Dignity law (DWDA).
Death With Dignity also called assisted suicide, right to die, and physician assisted suicide (PAS) allows physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to patients with a long term illness. In order for them to get a hold of such medications they must have six months or less to live and willingly request this.
Reed Karaim author of, “Assisted Suicide” explains a study conducted by Margaret Battin, a prominent professor of philosophy and internal medicine in the Division of Medical Ethics at the University of Utah in Provo. Her study found that those who used the lethal medication were white, privileged to an education, and enjoyed socializing economically and professionally (Karaim 455).
The article “Brittany Maynard Death With Dignity Advocate for ‘Death With Dignity’ Dies” by Catherine E. Shoichet delivers the story of Brittany Maynard. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012 and was told she had from 3-10 years to live. However, in another diagnose that she had she was told she only had about six months to live. Maynard graduated from Berkeley and obtained a Masters in Education from the University of Irvine. She was a California resident and could not obtain her wish of dying with assisted suicide here. She moved to Oregon and there she became a resident. In 2014 Brittany Maynard consumed the drugs and peacefully died at 29 years. According to Lindsey Cook, editor of US News, the article “Here’s Who Uses
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