Essay on California Space Heaters

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California Space Heaters, Inc. November 30, 2010 There is a fine line between how much safety a corporation should provide to the consumer regarding its products vs. how much responsibility of safety should fall on the average consumer. Take, for instance, the all too familiar McDonald’s coffee episode. Does McDonald’s have a responsibility to its customers to ensure the coffee isn’t hot enough to scald if spilled upon one’s lap? Or should the customer be held responsible for their own safety in regards to common sense judgment? This is what California Space Heaters, Inc. (CSH) must consider when deciding exactly which products to launch. Kerosene heaters are often times used in shops and garages as well as inside homes. They…show more content…
A corporation that has been given such estimates from its engineering department has a responsibility to implement a safety device. Electric start is the single most important option that should be incorporated on all models for safety reasons. The profile of users in a shop or garage setting differs greatly from users in a home. Users in a shop or garage are more likely to be mechanically inclined. Additionally, safety features are arguably more important in a home than in a shop or garage. In a home, the heater is typically closer to combustibles, including furniture, curtains, and carpet. Due to these variables, CSH should market an indoor/outdoor heater and an outdoor only heater. The only necessary option on the outdoor heater is the electric start, as previously discussed. A shop or garage user will likely be more mechanically inclined and able to adjust the wick accurately. A thermostat shouldn’t be needed because the unit will less likely be near combustibles. Overheating due to flare-ups will not be as big of an issue either because of the surroundings, not to mention the user is more likely to notice flare-ups because the unit will only be operating when he or she is in the garage or shop, in most cases. A removable tank would also not be necessary since fill-up is easier outdoors. On the other hand, the indoor/outdoor heater should have three options incorporated on the base model. The first is the electric start option, as mentioned
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