California 's Overcrowded Prisons Are A Result Of One Of The Highest Recidivism Rate

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California’s overcrowded prisons are a result of one of the highest recidivism rates in the nation . In order to alleviate stress on correctional facilities and to make them efficient, public safety realignment was passed by legislation in 2011. The act of realignment is shifting responsibilities of most offenders from state facilities to county facilities, and the possible changing of the duration of sentences. Furthermore, it is important to understand the effects of realignment on the prison population, and if it is effective at reducing prison populations and making treatment programs more effective.
Recidivism has caused some changes in offender characteristics, such as their arrest rates. The overall rate of recidivism has decreased slightly . Recent findings have found that California experienced a drop in the return-to-custody, but that it is recently has begun to increase . This could be a sign that the realignment is ineffective, or this could a normalization of the rate due to the influx of released prisoners. Following that it is found that released offenders arrested within a year has declined slightly, but the population that is arrested multiple has increased . The multiple arrests could be the result of having more time on the street. There are higher conviction rates, which suggested that prosecutors are becoming more efficient. In result, prisoners with multiple convictions has increased. The evidence would suggest that the inmates are not committing more
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