California's Obesity Problem

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California has its share of obesity rates. Almost everyone has a family or friend that is obese. Obesity is a problem that will continue unless it is stopped. Obesity has increased as more and more people eat out. Many campaigns have tried to get people aware of being overweight, but majority of them have failed, because eating out provide a cheap escape from cooking. Since eating fast food is unavoidable for many people the best solution is for fast-food restaurants to offer healthier alternatives on their menus. This could be enforced in America by the state department of health.
The History of Obesity Obesity has been around a long time, but only since the 1990s has obesity rates gone up. It has more than doubled and now affects more than half of Americans. (Kazaks, 43) Obesity rates have grown as physical activity levels have decreased and fast food consumption has increased. Obesity related expenses cost the USA about 190 billion dollars every year. (Forbes) Obesity also causes other health risks such as, heart disease, stroke, cancer, liver disease and many others. Many states have high obesity rates, but California is the “11th least obese state.”(Fasinfat) Even though California is not as obese as other states, it has a serious overweight problem. One of the major causes for this is the over consumption of fast foods.
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