California's St. Francis Dam Collapse

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Mulholland is an intelligent, sharp, and observant builder. he didn't seem to study much about dams because the dam that he built was built on schist which water slides under. This man was known throughout History for his confidence of how to build the dam. He seemed pretty gruff and impatient, He seemed like he wanted to just get done with his work. Mulholland wanted to get it done because it was a very long task, There are some answers to why Mulholland built the dam badly. One reason is that it was probably too much on the dam. As the head of the department of power, Mr. Mulholland faced a huge challenge which was to provide water for a rapidly grwoing city. People really need water for getting clean. Mullholland thought he could help the people to get get water by building a dam. He was mostly doing it for money. More water is always best for LA County because all California has is sum most of the time, especially Southern California. Mr. Mulholland conceived a daring plan to build the largest Dam in the world located in San Francisquito Canyon. As the designer of the St. Francis Dam, Mr. Mulholland had to find a well-structured place to build the Dam. He needed to be very wise on where he built the dam. Mr. Mulholland also needed to be intelligent to build the Dam. The Dam needed to be secure to prevent the heavy water to spill out. According to Mr. Mulholland, the dam was built in San Francisquito Canyon off of San Francisquito Rd. The Dam…
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