Caliphate of Umar II

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Umar Ibn 'Abdul Aziz

'Umar Ibn 'Abdul Aziz was born in the year 63 Hijrah. His father 'Abdul-Aziz was the appointed Wali of Egypt and when 'Umar was young he sent him to AlMadinah to be raised in an Islamic environment. So he went, memorised the
Qur 'aan at a young age and was educated by the foremost scholars from the Islamic
Ummah and from the great generation that followed the Sahaabah (rah). When his father passed away the Ummayyad Khaleefah Abdul-Maalik called him to
Damascus and he was married to the Khaleefah 's daughter Faatimah bint Abdil
In the year 86 Hijrah he was appointed by Al-Waleed the son of Abdul-Malik as the Wali of Al-Madinah and he ruled until the year 93 Hijrah. He was known for his justice
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All kinds of oppression),
He admonishes you, that you may take heed." [An-Nahl, 16:90]

Until today this Aayah is recited in nearly every Khutbah that is given every week in all four corners of the world.
A lot of the revenue that Banu Ummayyah would take from the subjects was from the Jizyah and they abused this system by continuing to take it from those who accepted Islaam and they also made little effort to spread the Islamic culture amongst the non-Muslim subjects or encourage them to become Muslim. 'Umar changed this and made efforts to spread the Islamic culture amongst the populace with the result that most of Egypt and Persia embraced Islam. His family complained that this would lead to a fall in revenues. However, by applying the correct Sharee 'ah rules related to the economy which encouraged trade and agriculture the Islamic state began to flourish. He also enforced the collection of
Zakaah and its correct distribution according to the Sharee 'ah rules so that the true justice of Islaam was felt by the entire Ummah. 'Umar was also strongly opposed to the idea of
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