Call And Response ( Whole Class )

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BEAT, RHYTHM & PITCH Activity: • Call & response (Whole class) • Instrumental composition (small group of 3) • Obi sana sa nana (Whole class) • Play with instrument – Ukulele Today: The lesson was focused on learning the beat and rhythm. “Beat is the basic unit of time, the pulse, of the mensural level” (World ebook library, 2016). The beat is constant and repetitive, for example, the heartbeat or a clock movement noise. On the other hand, rhythm consists of the pattern that is a mixture of sound and silence. Our Art professor highlights the focus of this course with three main Performing Arts: Music, Drama, and Dance. Every Arts teacher requires pedagogical approach in order to make learning art effective. Fiona introduces to us 2 ways as strategies to draw a better picture for students to understand Beat and Rhythm better, which are: Body Percussion and Instrumental composition. In music, Body Percussion [Figure 1] refers to using oneself body as an instrument. One’s can hit on their chest and make a ‘boom’ sound, or tap on their legs, or flick their fingers to make a ‘snap’ etc… A teacher could introduce their students to a 4/4 beat by using Body Percussion strategy and play a make-up pattern, such as Boom, snap, tap, stop, boom, boom, snap tap. Another strategy that can become handy is Instrumental composition. Fiona asked everyone to choose one untuned percussion and create any sound within a 4/4 beat. Everyone was giving a chance to be creative and we

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