Call Center Customer Service: A Comparison of Mexico and India

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Running head: CALL CENTERS CUSTOMER SERVICE Call center customer service: A comparison Mexico India. Your Name Your School Abstract The new generations of customer service call centers have developed rapidly over previous generations. Whereas once call centers were limited by geographic proximity, technology has removed such barriers and opened many doors to potentially outsourcing many different business functions to reduce overhead. Foreign call center services can now include such comprehensive features such as monitoring and managing email, voice, real-time chat, fax, website orders or queries, IVR (interactive voice response) menus, mobile SMS, call routing, multimedia queuing, automated callbacks on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week basis. As a result, many developing nations have built the infrastructure necessary to provide such services and are actively seeking to build their domestic call center capabilities. Although India was previously one of the primary destinations for call center development, other countries have also expanded their service offerings and now call centers are located in many areas of the world. This analysis will compare factors related to call centers in both India and Mexico. Introduction There are many similarities between call centers operations that can be found across the globe. As the outsourced call center industry has expanded, countries have worked diligently to attract international companies to their domestic markets.
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