Call Lights For Receiving Care Throughout Inpatient Hospital Settings

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Call lights are the lifeline to receiving care throughout inpatient hospital settings. Technology is built within the call light tool for patients to communicate from the press of a button on the remote. Nurses and certified nursing assistants answer the call light from a phone device that is sent from the call light. Locally, Bellin Hospital in Green Bay, call light is designed with a red cross to send a call to the patient’s certified nursing assistant. If the certified nursing assistant doesn’t acknowledge the call then the nurse receives the call. Additionally, Bellin’s call light system has tv options, nurse request and toilet request. Call lights signal through noise, outside patient room light, nursing stations and nursing staff. Patients depend on healthcare professionals through the use of call lights. Many different factors can affect a patient’s ability to function independently such as “cognitive impairments, visual loss, and decreased mobility” patients turn to call lights for assistance (Huey-Ming, 2010). Unfortunately, if a nurse or certified nursing assistant is occupied risks occur and can ultimately lead to injuries of patients due to help not received at that given moment. In the journal titled Perspectives of Patients and Families About the Nature of and Reasons for Call Light Use and Staff Call Light Response Time written by Huey- Ming Tzeng, patients felt “staff responsiveness to call lights often affect nurse-patient communication, patient

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