Call Of Duty Popularity

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People line up for hours for midnight releases of Call of Duty. Fans everywhere rave about it, it has garnered legendary status among the gaming community, and it has also outgunned many other shoot‘em up rivals to become the best shooting game around. Here are three reasons why Call of Duty is so popular. Why Call of Duty is So Popular: Not Original There's liberal borrowing from other games. It is no secret that throughout the years, Call of Duty has some pretty significant rivals, and on a head-to-head basis in the early days, the games often came off worse. The PlayStation 2 era titles are a prime example of this, with Medal of Honor: Frontline and Black being far superior to the COD series. It was only with the release of the next-gen consoles, when Call of Duty 3 came out, that it came into its own, having borrowed from the aforementioned titles.…show more content…
You can complete some COD games in a matter of hours. Where they more than make up for this is the multiplayer modes. They are engaging and create competition. I also suspect COD results in many a gamer throwing and destroying their console and controller in anger or frustration. Nazi Zombies, anyone? Why Call of Duty is So Popular:
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