Call Of The Wild Analysis

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“Buck stood and looked on, the successful champion, the dominant primordial beast who made his kill and found it good.”(London 48). Being ripped from his sun kissed life in Santa Clara Valley, California and forced into the life as a sled dog in Alaska and Canada, Buck learns the struggle of survival. Shown through great imagery, we see Buck transform from a family pet to a dog of the wild. In one of Jack London’s famous stories, The Call of the Wild, the story of a Saint Bernard/Scotch Shepard dog is told through historically accurate people, realistic environments, and very detailed animal relationships that keeps the reader’s eyes hanging on to every word.
First and foremost, the animal relationships are beyond spectacular. When Curly was attacked by a Husky, it shows how animals can change without warning (26). Additionally, when Spitz was showing dominance to Billee, Billee was wagging his tail to try and appease Spitz but tried running away when it did not work (28). He was bit by Spitz and still whined to try and appease him. This also known as being submissive. Another example of dominance, was between Spitz and Buck shows how dominance is a factor in the world of dogs. For those who are unaware, Buck shows traits of a dominant dog and so does Spitz which causes conflict for dominance. Another instance is when Buck steals food, but Dub was punished for the misdeed (32). Dub is the type of dog who was an “awkward blunderer.” His reaction to the Francois and
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