Call Of The Wild: Comparing The Book And Movie

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In this essay I am going to talk about The Call of the Wild. The essay is going to describe how the book and the movie are different. So the Call of the Wild is a story about a dog named Buck. Buck is the main character in the story.He gets turned into a sled dog because people come and steal Buck from his owner Judge Miller and his family. The first scene of the movie takes place in Santa Clara Valley. The first thing that happens in the book is the author is explaning what buck is, what he does , and what he is like.In the movie it is talking about a guy named John Thorton and how he is going to go on the Yukon Gold Rush. This is what happens in the first chapter of the story takes place in Santa Clara Valley.…show more content…
One of Francois and Perrault’s dogs were attacked by one of the dogs that were considered savages in the town of Dyea Beach. The the wolfish creature of a dog jumped on Curly and ripped her face open from eye to jaw and killed Curly. In the movie it does not show Curly was killed it does not even talk about a dog named Curly. In chapter 3 of the book Buck killed Spitz the other dog. The reason buck killed him was because Spitz went to attack Buck then they were attacking each other and buck ended up killing spitz. In the movie buck also killed Spitz over food cause, Spitz tried to take his food. In chapter 3 of the book it is also telling about a trip to deliver mail that they made in record time. Something that the movie did not talk about that the movie did is no wolves attacked Francois and Perrault’s camp. There was not a fight between the Black Burton and John in the bar in the movie but there was in the story. The money and distance were wrong and it was on mud instead of ice and snow. That is some of the differences and similarities of the book Call of the Wild and the movie Call of the Wild. This shows that books and movies are not always alike. There are some more differences and similarities but this essay would be super
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