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In the book ‘ Call Of The Wild ‘ By Jack London , Buck lives in a home owned by judge Miller .
Buck is a well behaved dog who enjoyed watching over judge Miller’s children and making sure they are always safe . Buck lived a happy life , but when judge Miller’s next door gardener kidnaps Buck , his whole life changes .

It wasn’t easy for Buck at first , he was sold to the guy in the red sweater and then sold to Francois and Perrault . Before Buck was kidnapped he had everything a dog would have needed , he didn’t have any problems . Buck is kidnapped and sold to other people and lands on the people who bring dogs most likely like Buck to become sled dogs.
Buck doesn’t think it would be easy for him . Buck and the rest of the other dogs that were sold to Francois and
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So when Francois leashed the dogs and led them off deck , Buck jumps back and realizes that the ground feels mushy and something like mud , Buck not being used to the feeling jumps back but also notices white flakes falling on him . It was Buck’s first time to experience snow and he knowing that it was his first time , he felt ashamed by it .
Buck meets a few other sled dogs while traveling to their destination and gets close to one of the sled dogs named Curly a good-natured NewFoundland . But Curly ends up dying not long after they land . Buck tries to avoid trouble with any of the sled dogs , but it gets hard when Spitz one of the sled dogs tries to make trouble with Buck . Buck constantly avoids Spitz , but Spitz does everything to try and piss Buck off . Buck tries to enjoy goes on trying to stay alive . But because Buck is new to what he has to live through , but he manages to keep himself warm and safe with . Because Buck was such a skilled fast learner at trying to keep himself warm and safe , he manage to live through all of it . Although Buck tried to avoid being in trouble , it comes to a part where Buck finally gets tired of Spitz and kills Spitz . Buck is finally

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