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After reading "The Call of the Wild", I've come to realize that it would be difficult living on the Klondike in the Yukon. The weather is very cold and life is very hard there. You'll understand better as I explain the story of the book to you.      In this book Mercedes, Hal, and Charles, a group of very inexperienced and even less equipped city people, to depict the probability of doom to those who do not adapt. While in Skagway the three have no idea what the Klondike holds. The well dressed well fed team wants nothing but riches and fame. In their effort for time they purchase the now exhausted dog team, which Buck leads, to take them to find the gold.      Even during the…show more content…
So the beaten Hal moves on, not heeding Thornton's warning of thin ice. Their doom arrives in a mayhem of ice and water. All three of them and their team of dogs die in the cold murky river.      Thornton and Buck reach an adaptation in their quest for fortune, which creates the man and beast that rises above all. The two of them become dependant upon one another. Together they make a great team.      John Thornton asked little of man or nature. During the search for the gold Thornton travels in no hurry. He travels in an Indian fashion. He hunts for food with his hands and fights off the cold in his small but, accommodating tent. If he fails, Thornton keeps on traveling knowing that eventually he will find food. He has adapted, and now has the power to conquer the wilderness. Buck also reaches his own greatest strengths which creates somewhat of a super being in a dog.       Due to the harshness of the wild in the Klondike wilderness it would be difficult for anyone to survive. If you ever plan to journey to the Yukon, my advice to you would be, plan your trip very carefully and don't forget anything. The first thing I would suggest is to hire a skillful guide to travel with you. Next, take enough supplies to last an extra week of your trip, in case you run into problems. The last thing you need to do is purchase a team of sled dogs.

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