Call Of The Wild Setting

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The title of the book is The Call of the Wild. The author of The Call of the Wild is Jack London. The book is realistic fiction because the events in the story could really happen, but humans can not read dogs minds, nor can dogs talk. The book is important because it talks about what the dogs went through when they were in high demand. This makes The Call of the Wild a classic American novel.
The setting of the story take place in Canada. The setting changes throughout the story, but it is always cold and snowy. They have tents set up with forest surrounding, and they always followed a river to get to where they needed. The point of view in the story is third person. Third person affected the story because if it was Buck, or one of the people along Buck’s adventure, the story could have had greater depth about their feelings and Buck’s.
The protagonist in the story is Buck, and the antagonist is Manuel. A protagonist is the main character in the story so that makes Buck the protagonist. The antagonist is an enemy, but Buck had a lot of enemies, so I picked the one who started it all. Some of the characters are Buck, Manuel, Perrault, François, Spitz, Billie,
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It was good when there was big actions, when Buck and Spitz fought is one. They novel was bad for me because some parts were boring. At the beginning when Buck was on his way to Canada on the train was boring for me. More action or even different point of views would have made the book better. A memorable quote from the book was when Françios stated this “Nevaire such dog as dat Buck!” This was memorable because Buck was a dog that he had never seen. This took the story to a better level in my opinion. The novel The Call of The Wild is important for people to read to learn how humans treated dogs, and how dogs felt. The point of view shows how dogs felt when humans and dogs interacted with them. Buck is the main character in this novel. This is my book report on The Call of The
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